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Tomek Sikora was born in 1948 in Warsaw, Poland, of a painter mother and a sculptor father. In his twenties he travelled to Paris where
he took seriously to photography.
After coming back to Poland in 1971 he worked as a photojournalist for the next ten years and in the meantime cooperated with major Polish graphic designers in creating film and theatre posters.
In 1979 he realised two big projects: „Album” and „Alice in Wonderland”. They were two photographic series of surreal vision of the world
and in 1980 were presented at the Biennale de Jeunesse in Paris at The Museum of Modern Art in the Pompidou Centre.
From then on Tomek started exhibiting extensively in Europe and USA.
In 1982 he migrates to Australia and conducts workshops in photography at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.
Then he establishes a studio of advertising photography there and continues his activity in the area of art photography.

In 1986 Tomek starts travelling and working  extensively all over the world.
Since 1996 he divided his life between Poland and Australia. He currently lives back in Warsaw.He has been frequently awarded for creativity in photography.He regularly publishes limited editions of his author’s books (55) and continues to exhibit extensively all over the world..

Since 1999 he has been working on his project Transparency of Things which has been exhibited seven times and is continuously enriched with new works. The very first exhibition of this project took place at the Centre of Contemporary Arts in Warsaw.

In 2001, together with Andrzej Świetlik, Tomek Sikora created Homeless Gallery which promotes independent photography in many countries.

Since 2002 he teaches at various photographic colleges in Warsaw.

Since 2006 he has created a series called “Moving Photography”, short films based on animated photography. Three series have been made so far:“ The Eggman “, “The Woman“ and “ Heard in Silence “.

In the autumn of 2008 Znak publishing house published a photographic album “Światłoczuły“ (Light Sensitive) comprising hundreds of photographs and numerous anecdotes by Tomek Sikora related to his photographic career.

The years 2009 – 2010 are devoted to his work on the latest album “Chopin. The composer’s moods in photographic images of Tomek Sikora“ in which he shows the Poland of Chopin's dreams.

In 2011 Tomek Sikora publishes the following albums: “ Męskie Granie ”, “ Album ” and “ Genius Loci ” as well as 365 page calendar entitled “ Facial Collection ” and a children’s book “ Bajkonurki ” which has been created by a group of twelve photographers during a workshop.

In 2012 he completed a 390 paged album entitled “213 km under Paris Streets” after 7 years of work. 

His projects in 2014 – 2015 are the albums “Four Seasons”, “A Sentury Passed”, “Istanbul – Street Photography” “ Sao Paulo - Street photography” and short films about street life.

In cooperation with FujiFilm, he releases the albums Tribute to Colors, Dysharmonia, We are, Aix-En-Provence.

In 2018, Agora publishes an interview with Dorota Wodecka, illustrated with photos in the book "Kapitalnie".

2010 publication of the album Harmonia.